Why Use CBD Edible Capsules Over Other Forms

22 May 2020
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Do you want to start taking CBD regularly to improve your wellness? You're likely wondering which form CBD to take between all of the options available. Here are some advantages of using CBD capsules that will help you make a more informed decision.

Travel Friendly

One of the great things about taking CBD edible capsules is that they are travel friendly. If you are going to start using CBD regularly, you need something that you can take with you wherever you go. CBD capsules are not going to break, spill, or become damaged if you need to travel with them. In addition, they are incredibly easy to take. You do not need any special equipment to take CBD capsules, and they can be taken anywhere discreetly.

Normalized Usage

By taking CBD in an edible capsule form, it helps normalize its use when taking it every day. Many people have a morning routine of taking a vitamin or medication either first thing in the morning or before bed. This helps CBD edible capsules fit into that routine. If you use another form of CBD, such as a vaporizer or an oil, you may find yourself not using CBD on a daily basis because it is so different from what is considered a normal routine for most people. 

Tasteless Form

Some people do not like the flavor of consuming CBD which prevents them from using it regularly. A CBD edible capsule is going to be completely tasteless, just like any other pill. This can help encourage you to take CBD regularly and enjoy the benefits that it provides, rather than dread taking it because of its bad taste.

Targeted Absorption 

CBD absorbs into the body based on the form that you consume it. For example, an oil is held under your tongue before swallowing it so that it absorbs into your body quickly. CBD capsules are different because the absorption begins in your lower intestines, which helps bypass your stomach acids that can destroy some of the CBD. This can help improve CBD absorption for people with stomach issues and want to target the CBD in that area to help with things such as pain and inflammation. 

However, CBD capsules are not absorbed as efficiently as other forms. You may end up having to take a higher dosage of CBD edible capsules in order to feel the effect, as opposed to a lower amount of an oil that is absorbed under the tongue.

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