Consider One Of These Jobs At A Park

6 March 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you enjoy spending as much of your spare time outdoors as possible, you might like the idea of switching to a career that involves being outdoors. Rather than sitting at a desk, it can be enjoyable to get fresh air and sunlight during your workday. One idea to think about is applying for a job at a provincial or national park. These parks have all sorts of career opportunities for people with different types of experience, and you may find that a park job is the right fit for you.

Here are three jobs that are often available at parks. 

Maintenance Worker

Parks organizations have frequent needs for maintenance workers, and you may have experience in this field that makes you a good candidate. Park maintenance workers are responsible for various tasks that contribute to the upkeep of the park. For example, if a fence requires replacing, you'll remove the old fence and install a new one. You'll also perform various painting projects, do landscaping work, and more. Many of these tasks will be outdoors, although there will likely be indoor projects that require your attention during times of inclement weather.

Visitor Center Attendant

Parks have one or more visitor centers that are staffed by at least one person, and you may like the idea of working in this environment. While some of your day will be indoors, you'll have lots of opportunities to be outside, too — for example, when you greet visitors and show them where to go or when you lead a group tour. Being a visitor center attendant is a good fit for anyone with customer service experience, given that you'll be dealing with members of the public throughout the day. It's also ideal if you have an outgoing, helpful personality, as you'll be the first point of contact for most park visitors.


For a job in which you'll be outdoors virtually the entire day, consider the role of a lifeguard. Parks often have multiple beaches, which means that they have a chronic need for lifeguards over the summer months. If you've received your lifeguard training and have experience at a local aquatic center, you'll likely have the skills and experience for this role. This job is instrumental in keeping the beach safe. You'll not only watch for swimmers in distress but also ensure that people on the sand are following the park's rules. Look online to learn more about getting a job at a park.