How To Grow Sea Buckthorn Shrubs To Sell Their Berries For Health Purposes

23 July 2019
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Most people don't consider how the various plants and shrubs in their yard can be used not only for decoration but for extra cash purposes. For example, the Sea Buckthorn shrub is not only a handsome bush that improves the look of your home, but it also produces berries that you can sell to people due to their unique health benefits.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Shrubs

The Sea Buckthorn shrub is a unique plant that is quickly becoming more popular with many people. Its popularity is pushed by its decorative possibilities, as it is a handsome shrub that pairs well with many home and landscape designs. However, this plant's popularity is most heavily increasing because of the health benefits that its berries provide.

For example, its berries are full of natural antioxidants, which help protect against various diseases like cancer and cardiac issues. Even better, they are rich in calcium, most types of B vitamins, and other nutrients that are hard to get from other sources.

As a result, you can sell these berries – or press them for oil – and use them for your health benefit. You can even sell them to others who are interested in these boosts in health. However, you must know how to properly grow them before you start, as they have unique needs.

Growing These Interesting Shrubs

If you're interested in enjoying or even selling Sea Buckthorn berries or oil, you need to learn how to harvest these shrubs effectively. Typically, you need to plant them in areas with very rich light, such as on the south side of a home. Here, your shrubs will get a lot of light that help them to grow more berries. You also need strong soil that is high in phosphorus rather than nitrogen.

You can improve these conditions by eliminating shade that could decrease the light on your shrubs, such as trees and even sheds. Then, you can add various phosphorous-heavy fertilizers to the soil to improve its strength. If you carefully watch your plant and harvest its berries as they mature, you can get multiple yields, even in the winter. In this way, Sea Buckthorn shrubs are a better investment than other types of fruit trees, such as pears or apple trees, that only blossom in the summer.

So if you want attractive shrubs that make your home look more attractive and provides you with a useful source of potential alternative income, seriously consider investing in these unique shrubs and planting them outside of your home or even your business.