Personalized Die-Cut Stickers Promote Your Business With Pizzazz

16 July 2019
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Personalized die-cut stickers are an excellent promotional tool for businesses of all sizes. A sticker provides you with the opportunity to place your brand in front of people in a variety of locations. Whether you opt for a logo, promo, or slogan sticker, prepare to see your company pop up on laptops, desk drawers, and cups as customers spread the word for you.

What makes a die-cut sticker best for a business?

A personalized die-cut sticker differs from the kiss-cut due to its clean edge. Kiss-cut stickers cut the border of the sticker itself but leave a decorative or plain backing. Die-cut stickers are custom shapes, and the adhesive backing is cut to the same shape. When your business is all about presentation, the clean cut works best. Unique logos and illustrations on your stickers can pop without the distraction of a vinyl border.

When should I order personalized die-cut stickers?

If your business can benefit from word of mouth, make die-cut stickers part of your first promotional order along with business cards and ink pens. Leave a few on the counter if you have a storefront. Include stickers in your packages for a web-based business. Service business owners can place stickers in invoice mailings or hand them out at trade shows.

How can I use stickers for promotional events?

Die-cut stickers can also be ordered to mark big events for your company. For example, a "best of" event promoting local business and sponsored by your company can use custom stickers to recognize winners. These can then be placed on winner's store windows or doors as a community seal of approval. Even though the sticker may focus on the event itself, make sure your logo or name is incorporated to increase your brand recognition.

If your business participates in large consumer shows, consider crafting a unique sticker to recognize the event. For example, a business with a booth at a local Comic-Con could craft a special slogan related to the event. Distribute stickers promoting the theme and a related hashtag for social media shares. Alternatively, the business logo could take on a comic book variation for the event. By mirroring the theme of the events you participate in with your stickers, you are more likely to receive fan interaction.

What size should I make my sticker?

Large die-cut stickers can be great for store windows, but you need to think small for personalized promotional items. You want customers to put the stickers in their car window, slap one on their insulated thermos, stick them to their laptop, or place them on the front of a journal. For many of these applications a three-by-five inch sticker or slightly smaller option will be ideal.