Are You Planning a Birthday for Your Husband Who Loves to Fish?

16 July 2019
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Some husbands are on the golf course every chance they get while others are consistently watching football on the television set. Maybe your husband loves fishing with a passion. Did you know that when you married him? If so, maybe you knew that there would be times when you would be a "fishing widow," right? Now that your husband has an upcoming birthday, you are probably focusing on his love for that great sport as you plan his gifts and the birthday event. 

Do you have all of your shopping done already? Have you planned the event? If so, you're on a roll! Otherwise, from buying fishing equipment to planning a fishing expedition for your husband, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable event.

The Fishing Equipment 

Even if your husband already has a great deal of fishing equipment, don't you think he'd like to receive more for his collection? Does he have an emotional attachment to his gearbox? If not, and if the box is in bad shape, consider buying him a brand new gearbox. Also, think of buying some impressive fishing lures. A series that includes a minnow lure, a sunfish 4" lure, a 12" eel lure, a cod lure, a jilted jig lure, a nervous minnow lure and casting jigs would probably make him as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

A collection of lures will be a wonderful gift in themselves. However, if you are wanting to add to your husband's gift, consider buying him a fishing rod and real combination. You could find fishing gear through companies such as FISHNAGAIN IMPORTER.

The Fishing Event 

Of course, your husband already knows the best fishing spots in your area. Think of giving him a surprise of a fishing trip in another state. For example, the Guadalupe River in Texas would be one good choice. Fishing in Destin, Florida, heading to Provo River in Utah, or a fishing trip to Sunset Lake in Vermont would all be good choices. 

Sweeten the deal by telling your husband that you'd love to join him. If you are a person who enjoys also enjoys fishing, that'll be a fun adventure for both of you. If you have never fished before, your husband will probably be super excited to be your fishing instructor. Of course, then you'll need to buy your own fishing gear unless he'll share his fishing equipment with you.