Common Reasons a Heavy Duty Truck Breaks Down

15 July 2019
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When a semi truck is out of commission, profits are lost quickly. If a driver is sitting on the side of the road, with precious cargo inside, the entire load can be lost. Heavy duty truck repair can handle big rigs in order to get the driver back on the road fast. With good maintenance and a solid understanding of the common reasons heavy duty trucks break, there is less time lost when bringing goods to their destination. Avoid paying your employees to wait for a repair by taking good care of your fleet, investing in maintenance, and knowing who to call when you have an emergency on the road.

Shredded Tires on the Road

Semi trucks have numerous tires, and this means that there is a big chance of a tire blowout at one time or another. Tires should be checked before heading out on a long trip. While tire pressure needs to be measured, the tires also need to be checked to make sure they have the correct tire tread depth. If a tire has little or no tread, take the time to have the tire replaced. If tire blowouts are common, have the tires balanced and the axles checked to see if the tread is wearing down unevenly.

Understanding the Electrical System in Your Heavy Duty Truck

Many things in your semi truck depend on the electrical system. There may be times when you put too much pressure on your electrical system by having the heat turned too high, the radio on, and a computer running. When you pay attention to how much electricity you are actually using while on the road, you can cut down to the essentials to avoid a system burnout. Your starter, alternator, and truck battery all need the electrical system or your truck isn't going to go anywhere.

Keep Your Brakes Maintained

Brake problems are another main cause of heavy duty trucks getting stuck on the side of the road. Brakes can leak air, causing a failure of the brakes. If you are on a long trip, take the time to let your brakes rest. The heat and friction from applying brakes on your semi truck consistently can cause your brake system to overheat.

When it comes to needing a mobile mechanical service, contact a heavy duty truck repair company, such as BLACK DOG OIL FIELD SERVICES LTD, as soon as you brake down. With good maintenance and checking your tires before each trip, you can help prevent a mechanical emergency.