3 Ideas To Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

28 June 2019
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Regardless of how useful your service or product may be, if you fail to have visually appealing pop-up display while at a trade show, you are going to find it incredibly difficult to get the attention of potential customers. To be effective, your trade show display needs to combine phenomenal visuals with clear organization, which will attract customers with their impeccable yet unique designs, keeping them hooked by primarily showcasing the product or service. If you are looking to ensure your pop-up display stands out at the trade show, consider the following three design ideas. 

A Center-Straight Display 

If your display has two individual desks or tables, you may want to consider a center-straight display. This particular display consists of a unique organization pattern that highlights a wealth of images and information without creating a sense of clutter. This type of design consists of a panel with two tabletop displays in the front on either side. Between them, the panel will extend out so it's almost in between the two tables, permitting you the chance to display physical objects that are being promoted — brochures, products, etc. — on the tables while still being able to display your brand, logo, contact information, etc. between them. 


While many exhibitors will choose to keep the panel, a subtle way to draw customer's attention to your booth is to install shelves into your displays. These shelves are a great way to highlight items that may be unable to fit onto your tables. Alternatively, the shelves simply create artificial lines that can help make the board appear more symmetrical and organized. Consider the shelves as the produce section at the grocery store — they simply work to separate different items, making them more visually appealing to the eye. 

Backlit Headers 

As a general rule, the first thing that attendees at the trade show will notice about your display will be the header. To make this easier to see and more attractive, consider adding some additional lighting. To add a sense of drama to the display panel, consider angling the lights like spotlights.  

When it comes to trade shows, it is important to remember that your trade show booth display is just as important as the product or service that you are selling. It may take some trial and error, but you want to experiment with various visuals to ensure that you don't overwhelm your audience with your design. If you need assistance with your trade show design, contact a design agency in your area.