Custom Labeled Bottled Water Could Be The Perfect Promotional Item To Advertise Your Company

5 May 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're looking for a promotional item to give away at an event from your booth, then custom labeled bottled water might be worth considering. Everyone drinks water, so the item would be useful, and with your logo and name on the bottle, it will act as an ad as people carry your water bottles around the event. Here are some things to know about buying and using custom labeled bottled water.

Allow Plenty Of Time For Delivery

If you don't have a facility nearby that makes custom labels and applies them to bottled water, you can work with a provider out of town. Just be sure to allow plenty of time for the artwork to be completed and your order to work its way through the queue and then be shipped to your place of business. This could take several days to a few weeks, so plan well ahead of the event.

Let A Designer Create Your Label

You can create your own label if you have the artwork ready, but you can also provide your logo, colors, and desired text to the bottling company so their designers can create your label for you. Sometimes this service is free when you order a large volume of water bottles. Having the labels professionally designed means they'll be attractive and easy to read so they work well as ads. You can still choose the type of label you want such as foil, transparent, or even 3D labels.

Choose The Bottle Size

Other choices you can make include the size of the water bottle and the color of the cap. Water bottles come in a range of sizes and there may not be a big price difference between them, but the size could affect shipping rates and storage space.

Give Water Away At Outdoor Events

Passing out cool water at events like a marathon, festival, heath fair, or other outdoor event could be a good idea because people will appreciate water on a hot day or at an event where buying water is costly. The more people who carry your water bottles, the more exposure for your brand. While water is a useful item to give away at outdoor events, you can also give it away in your store to customers and clients, so bottled water has many useful purposes.

Custom labeled bottled water is an affordable promotional item when you buy it in bulk, and it's one of the few items that is useful and appreciated. However, you'll have to weigh the cost against how many you want to give out at each event to ensure your investment provides you with the best return.

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