Planning Renovations? Make Sure To Have A Designated Substance Survey Taken

12 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Do you need to have major renovations completed inside your building? If you would like to have these renovations done within the next few months because you plan to use the building for business-related purposes, you will need to have a designated substance survey performed. Some people do not realize the importance of the survey and why it needs to be performed, but it is a necessary step that you will need to take when you want to upgrade the look of your building.

What Is the Purpose of the Survey?

Before renovations begin, professionals will need to perform the designated substance survey to determine if certain types of substances are present inside the building. These substances would include asbestos, lead, arsenic, and mercury. The reason professionals need to find out if these substances are present is that heavy exposure to them can easily cause major health problems. Some of these health problems would include stomach cramping, irritability, headaches, and nausea. If you were to start renovations on a building without having a survey performed, you could potentially expose hundreds of people to these harmful substances while putting them at risk of getting sick and feeling uncomfortable.

If you have the testing done, you can find out what types of substances exist inside the building and then take the proper steps to protect your workers and those around you during the renovation process. The goal is to provide the safest conditions possible. While you may need to get these renovations done quickly, your safety and the safety of others needs to be the top priority over everything else.

What Happens During Testing?

The professionals that come out to the building to complete the survey will take samples of different materials inside the building. These samples are sent back to the lab for testing. Once testing is completed, the professionals will provide you with a full assessment of the building. The assessment is going to include some valuable information pertaining to the types of substances that were found inside the building. Not only does it include a list of those substances, but it will tell you where the substances were located and how much of each substance was found.

Your assessment will likely include photos of the different areas where these substances were found by the professionals. Most assessments will provide detailed recommendations to assist those that are looking forward to completing renovations on a building in the safest way possible. Having this valuable information is important because then you can start coming up with a plan to complete your renovations while controlling the exposure to these harmful substances. You must take these steps to protect workers as well as those in the community because you do not want to release toxic chemicals into the air that people are breathing in.

Make Sure Your Building Gets Tested Before Renovations Begin

You may want to make some major renovations that would include knocking down different parts of the building to reconstruct them and create something that looks better and far more modern than it looked before. While it is possible to complete the necessary renovations to improve the look of your building, you are going to need to have a designated substance survey performed by trained professionals to find out if any specific substances are present. The testing is performed for the safety of those that are going to perform work inside the building as well as those that live or work in the area. Because you know that you want to have the building renovated by a certain time, it is best to find an experienced company that can perform the designated substance survey in the coming weeks for you.